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Earn $15 or More for Every Rebate You Process
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Guaranteed Work to Perform!
Recession Proof Job!
We Give You All the Training - Resources - Jobs For FREE

If you are currently unemployed, looking for extra income, tired of your everyday 9 to 5 job, or simply want to work at home, then please take a few moments to read our work-at-home job.

Many people are looking for a legitimate means to make a good income working at home. Because of this you will see many companies set up to scam you out of money to join their programs. After you lose out on your money to only find out that there is no way to make an income your faith in finding a legitimate work-at-home program seems to diminish.

At ExecutiveProcessors.com we offer a legitimate job opportunity. We provide all of the needed training, software, tools, forms, as well as the jobs to perform from your home.  We are able to do this because we are a legitimate rebate-processing company offering the service of our workers to thousands of well known companies from all over the world.

Because of all the rebate processing opportunities that end up being scams, we understand your skepticism. The others will not offer you the actual job, just a list of companies you will need to apply to and hope to get work. With our rebate-processing program we are giving you the actual jobs to perform to earn money.

When you see our program, you will see we are different than the other rebate-processing programs.

Guaranteed Jobs
With our program we are giving you the actual job to perform. Every worker is guaranteed work to earn money processing rebates for thousands of companies. This job is recession proof for the fact that many of these companies have downsized and outsourced their jobs to our workers. So you are on the winning end of the downsizing with our program, and not the losing end like so many workers are tragically finding out.

Job Description

 We will first point out that with our program you will be an independent contractor that will be sublet work through our services. This will mean you will be responsible for deducting your taxes from your pay. We also do not offer any benefits through this program.

Your job tasks will be simple. In our step-by-step training program we will teach you how to set up and process rebates using special submission methods and software we provide.

We give you the thousands of companies to do this processing for. You select the company and follow our directions on how to submit and process the rebates. We will assign every member a special code that you will use with every rebate you process. This special code will track your earnings for the rebates you process.

The 3 Simple Steps to Earn Money

 1) Log in to ExecutiveProcessors' members page. 

Select any of the thousand of companies in our data base and follow the simple directions on submitting forms for rebates.

 3) Get paid for the rebate once it is processed.


Who needs your services

 We will list over 20,000 companies that will pay you to process rebates. Almost every company that does business on the Internet offers the ability to processes rebates.

These companies are downsizing their brick and mortar operations, but are increasing their online Internet operations. By doing this many companies are saving costs and increasing sales.

This is where you and your rebate processing services come in.
This is why this opportunity is recession proof and guaranteed to make you money. You are assured and endless amount of work from the thousands of companies listed with our program. We are even adding more companies every week to the large data base.



How Much Money You Can Earn

Get paid from $10 to $50 or more for each rebate processed.
Example of potential earnings
(Based on an average $20 processed rebate)


Completed transactions per day

Daily Earnings

Monthly Earnings

If you complete 1 transaction per day



If you complete 5 assignments per day



If you complete 10 assignments per day



If you complete 20 assignments per day



*Many members are doing more then 20 rebates per day.

With a large amount of companies to perform rebate processing for; there is never a lack of work. We will show you exactly how to perform a few simple tasks that will allow you to earn a very nice income from home.

Work-at-Home Financial Freedom

The amount of money you will earn will depend on your dedication to the job. many of our current members are making $500 or more per day and working minimal hours.

The job is a simple process of choosing the companies from our large data base, following the step-by-step training instructions we provide to process the rebates required.

This job is so simple with the training we provide anyone can do it!

Here is what we provide all of our workers:

Simple process of signing up with pay accounts that will track your earnings. You will be an independent contractor working directly with the companies we provide.
How to choose from the over 20,000 companies to do the rebate processing jobs. With using special codes we show you how to use with your rebates assures you the paid for every rebate that gets processed.
How and where to post the rebates using the special forms and software we provide.
How you collect your earnings. You will have the first option to get paid by mailed check. You also will have other options such as direct deposit and payment to your PayPal account.
Get paid once or twice a month depending on the pay schedules of the companies you process rebates for.

You will not need to do any of the following:

- Spend any additional money for jobs or advertising.

- Make cold-calling sales.

- Recruit people to our program to get paid.

- Deal with companies you wish not to work for.

- Answering to any bosses.

- Spend months trying to create an income; start earning the same day.

- Worry about meeting a quota; work at your own pace.

- Worried about getting scammed.

We only will take a certain amount of workers into our program, along with the thousands of companies we provide you are guaranteed a steady and constant work flow. This will allow you to be able to make the amount of money you want with no limitations. You never have to apply for the job, as you will be doing the job. You never have to wait for approval to start working. If this sounds to good to be true, think again as this is a legitimate opportunity with no risks for you.

Available Worldwide!

Because all of the work is performed from home, and through an Internet connection it will not matter where you do your work from. You can sit on a beach in Hawaii or in cafe in Morocco and do the work needed. As long as you have a computer with Internet connection you will be able to do the work and get paid from anywhere in the world. Also no one country will have an advantage over another because of the way this works.

We have current workers from Albania, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Kenya, India, and of course the U.S.A.

So you do not need to worry if your country qualifies.


Executive Processors Online Training & Jobs Center

We will provide you with everything you need to process rebates online. All of the training and software we provide for this job is done directly through our members' training center. You will get instant access to the members training once you become a member.

Here is what our Members Training & Jobs center provides:

Rebate Processor
Complete training and jobs for the opportunity we mentioned on this page.

Online Research Position
Research online programs and get paid for your opinions. We have over 500 companies to do this work for.

Home Virtual Office Assistant 
 Our training program teaches you how to be a virtual assistant for companies online and in your area performing simple tasks like creating sales letters, faxing and preparing documents. The training can teach anyone how to  do these jobs and earn a mice income doing so.

Word Processing/Data Entry 
 Our training program teaches you how to be a virtual assistant for companies online and in your area performing simple tasks like creating sales letters, faxing and preparing documents. The training can teach anyone how to  do these jobs and earn a mice income doing so.

Audio General Data Transcription
 A complete training program on one of the hottest work-from-home opportunities on the Internet. Audio transcription is a hard to fill position and with our training you can add yourself to the list of companies needing this service. We will provide you with all of the transcription software needed to do the job tasks.

Resume Preparer
 Find out how to make money preparing resumes and charging for your services. We will give you the training and resume creating software as part of your membership to our program. Many members who have never created a resume in their life has done well with this program.

Freelance Article Writer
 Start creating articles and publishing them to the Web. We offer four different ways that writing articles can create an income. Our training can teach the most novice person how to make money with this opportunity.

Our Members' Training Center also provides the following resource training:

- Basic Computer Knowledge Training.
- Time Management -Learn how to manage your time.
- EIN (Employee ID Number) Taxes -Learn how to protect your personal information by using EIN while working online.
- Character Building - Build character with techniques from this best seller.

On top of all the training, jobs and resources all Executive Processors members will get the following FREE Bonuses:

Coupon Codes
 Save hundreds of dollars every month learning how to use coupons and finding rebates for products and services you use every day. This is the receiving end of the rebates you will be processing.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets 
Learn the secrets how many people have made millions of dollars doing affiliate marketing. If you follow the step-by-step directions given you will be on your way to creating wealth on the Internet.


Debt Cures
Get out and stay out of debt with this best selling eBook. In todays times getting into debt is easier to do. Now you have a defense against the debt blues.

Credit Repair Kit
This program sells for over $100 on the Internet and is yours free. You will get a complete program on how to repair your credit. The kit includes credit repair software, generator software, AAA credit in 30 day program and more. You can also resell this kit and make money for yourself as it comes with complete resell rights.


We only charge a one-time members processing fee which is 100% refundable if you are not happy with the program for any reason. If you become  member and are not satisfied simply contact us and we will cancel your membership and refund the small registration fee you paid with no questions asked and you can keep all of the bonuses.

So you see this is a legitimate opportunity that will earn you money working from home that is risk free.

You will not find any other work-from-home opportunity offering a program like this without having to pay through the nose.

With our program we give you all the support you need with this program and the training. Because of this we can only accept a certain amount of members to assure we offer the support needed for each member when needed.

To start processing rebates today with instant access or to see if we are accepting new members fill out the form below.






email: Info@ExecutiveProcessors.com


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